Edwards Will Help in November Say Most Readers

Will the selection of John Edwards help Kerry in November? Most readers say “yes” but a number of readers have strong opposition.

Does the selection of John Edwards to be the running mate for John Kerry help Kerry in his bid to become president?

We asked readers of FedSmith.com this question last week.

The majority of those responding (54%) say that the selection of Edwards will help Kerry. Another 40% say that the selection will not help and 6% are undecided.

But, as Mike Causey pointed out in a recent column, while most union leaders are an apparent appendage of the Democratic party, the same does not hold true for rank and file union members or federal employees who are not union members.

Comments sent in by readers display a wide range of political opinions. And, for some reason, most of the readers’ comments were negative even though most poll respondents indicated the selection of Edwards would help Kerry win in November.

Readers who say the selection of Edwards will not help Kerry’s bid for the White House generally say Edwards does not have the experience necessary to be president and that he is too liberal (as is Kerry). A number of readers also dislike the fact that Edwards has become rich by being a successful trial lawyer and cited his legal background as a reason not to vote for the Democratic ticket in November.

Readers who think Edwards is a good selection often cite a variation of the theme that “I will vote for anyone running against George Bush.”

Here are a few of the comments sent in by readers in responding to this poll.

A supervisor with the TSA in Roanoke, VA writes: “This is the most liberal ticket in history. Clinton was in the middle, these guys are way to the left. So you Dems can start crying in your beer for another 4 years.”

An HR specialist with the Army in Vicksburg, MS says that “President Bush’s reelect numbers went up in NC” (after the selection of Edwards).

An engineer with the Forest Service in Oregon opined: “I understand no one really desiring the office of US Pres in this day and age but out of several top picks on the Democratic side (i.e. Lieberman and others) why Kerry? And does it matter who he picks he’s not going to make it, thank God, in capturing the vote. He has no platform and he stands for nothing, except wherever the present winds are blowing. No rationale concerned American is going to put their trust into either of these men. He needed a running mate not so liberal and lawyer.”

An air traffic specialist with the FAA in Albuquerque says simply: “GEORGE W. BY 10 POINTS, (THANK GOD)”

An engineer with the VA in West Virginia wrote: “its funny (strange) how someone who ‘wasn’t qualified to be president’ a few months ago, suddenly became qualified to ‘step up to the plate’ for political expediency’….politics makes strange bedfellows again.”

An HR specialist with the Treasury Department in Washington, DC commented: “I can’t see that the country needs an ambulance chaser at this moment in history.”

A safety specialist from Fairfield, CA comments: “Can anyone name one thing John Edwards has done in the Senate? Does anyone want a lawyer in charge of anything?”

A Texan working for GSA in Ft. Worth says: “How could anybody in their right mind vote for a person for President of the United States who can’t make a decision and stick to it ? It doesn’t matter who his running mate is, the man is a pathological lier (sic) who has a well known history of ‘straddling the fence.’ Poor old John Edwards might not be able to afford new pants every day like John Kerry can, and that is what would happen if he starts following in Kerry’s footsteps when he tries to straddle our barbed wire fences here in Texas.”

A veteran with the Social Security Administration in Kansas City says he will not vote for fellow veteran Kerry: “science vote for John Kerry on the basis of his Congressional testimony regarding the war, his post-war conduct, and his voting record with regards to the military. He is unsuitable to be the Commander-in-Chief. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter who’s running with him. Besides, a vote for John Kerry is a vote for Ted Kennedy, who can’t get elected on his own, but who intends to run things through Kerry. Candidate Kerry is a very thinly-veiled sham. Democrats — there needs to be a revolt within the party against this control by the social liberals. Bring us a viable candidate, and we’ll consider him. No more Carters (run-away inflation), Clintons (scandalous conduct), and Kerrys(Kennedys). Give us another Truman! Until then, it’s either Republican or third party for me.”

A contracts administrator from Seal Beach, CA had this strong opinion: “These two should scare any thinking person back to reality. They say something contrary to other statements they made lass (sic) than two years ago. Politicians pandering to get votes is expected, but how can individual voters be smart but then be so ignorant when they walk behind the voting curtain? Lincoln said it best, you can fool all of the people some of the time…unfortunately for the USA, our politicians on the democrat ticket will follow convicted (impeached) & debarred Clinton at voting time. How can we rescue all the people at a crucial time ( voting time) when the truth doesn’t find its way onto the major network TV news programs?”

A financial analyst with the USDA thinks the Democrats won’t do well in November: “Who in their right mind would even consider voting for these two left-wing fanatics? For sure they’ll put the US in the same class as the scandal-ridden countries like France and Germany, and they’ll give up control of our military to the crooks at the UN. We’d experience the downfall of freedom as we know it. ”

On the other side of the issue, some readers sent in their opinion in support of their belief that adding Edwards was a good idea.

An attorney with the VA in Washington thinks adding a lawyer to the Democrats’ ticket was a good move: “The complete ticket offers a pretty significant contrast to Bush/Cheney — adding the relatively young Southerner to the ticket was a smart move by Kerry.”

A project manager with the Social Security Administration in Baltimore writes: “Kerry would have won anyway, since the majority of Americans can no longer stomach the alternative. But Edwards will help increase the margin of victory in the South and with younger voters. This will help buffer the ticket against the kind of fraud that put Bush into the ‘residency’ in 2000.”

An HR specialist with the EPA in Raleigh, NC isn’t impressed with his North Carolina Senator but says: “He sure hasn’t done much for his home statefolks, and his ‘aw shucks-I’m just a country boy’ is a hoax–but in the end I think he’ll liven up the ‘ticket’ and will get a lot of the swing votes.”

An HR specialist with the Navy in Silverdale, WA had this to say: “Edwards is a self made success story — he lived the American Dream. All the griping about his riches from the Administration overlook that fact. Is the American Dream only for Republicans?”

A classification specialist with NASA in Huntsville, AL offers this analysis: “Contrary to most thinking, I don’t think he will have much effect in the Blue States (even NC). I think he will have a bigger effect in states like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. That is where jobs lost to overseas areas are felt. Even though a real analytical analysis will reveal this trend is not the result of party actrivity of either the Democrats or Republicans the average blue collar worker is not interested in any indepth analysis.”

A NASA employee from Moffett Field, CA is a more positive about the selection of Edwards: “Absolutely. The naming of Edwards defines the team and makes it easier to vote for.”

An AFGE official with the Department of Education in Dallas writes: “Edwards, I believe, brings a new freshness, youthfulness, increased energy and enthusiasm to an otherwise lackluster Presidential contest. Edwards’ addition to the Democratic ticket will solicit notice for an increased scrutiny of John Kerry, resulting in hopefully, more citizens voting for the Democratic ticket.”

An administrative specialist with the Navy in Bremerton, WA thinks a trial lawyer on the ticket will help: “Bush has got to go! I would vote for Daisy Duck before Mr. Bush! John Edwards is what scares the Republican party, a person that will fight for the little guy, and challenge Corporate America!”

An IT specialist with GSA is enthusiastic: “What a team! Kerry and Edwards to take on Bush-Cheney. We have a combat veteran versus an AWOL unelected president, and a son of poverty who has defended the poor versus a foul-mouthed manipulator.”

And a staff director with EPA in Washington isn’t too enthusiastic but offers this analysis: “While both Senators are charming, have good dentists and hair stylists, Kerry has in my mind failed to articulate his vision beyond a few ambiguous statements. Not that I wish necessarily to vote for Bush — and leave Nader alone, the man has an absolute right to run for President — he may in fact be a viable default.”

Thanks to all readers who took the time to vote in this poll and send in your comments. You can add your comments for all readers to see at the bottom of this article.

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