F Fund Is Up for July–All Stock Funds Show Monthly Loss

F fund tops all funds in July–stock funds are all down for the month.

Many TSP investors will not be happy when reviewing the TSP returns for July.

The S fund is down 5.52% for the month; the I fund is down 3.76% for the month; and the C fund is down 3.24% for the month.

If you are an optimist and want to see the glass as half full, the stock market had a good week last week or the results would have been worse.

F fund investors may be feeling a little better this week though. That fund is up 1% for July. It is up 4.88% for the past 12 months so it still lags way behind the stock funds.

The C fund is up 13.11% for the past twelve months; the S fund is up 16.84% for the same time period and the I fund leads all funds with a 24.55% return for the past year.

The G fund continues its usual steady pace with a monthly return of 0.38% and a twelve month gain of 4.38%.

Summer is often a slow time for stocks as investors and brokers take off for vacation prior to the start of school. Add to that mix the close presidential election polls which don’t show any definite trend (the market hates uncertainty!) and the possibility of terror attacks on major cities like Washington, DC and New York and there are plenty of uncertain elements that can–and are–impacting the stock market.

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