OPM Says Agencies Can Hire New Employees in Under 45 Days

OPM says agencies can hire new employees in under 45 days using its new model.

Who says the federal hiring process is complex and frustrating?

As the government’s personnel expert, OPM says it has figured out a way to use federal hiring requirements and to complete the hiring of a new employee in less than 45 days.

“Our results prove it can be done,” said OPM director Kay Coles James.

To demonstrate the feasability of using this new hiring process, the agency has overhauled its own internal procedures to hire 278 employees over nine months with an average of 36 days for each new employee joining the ranks of OPM employees.

OPM is encouraging agencies to do the same thing by adopting a 45-day model for hiring new feds. Human resources policy experts and program officials developed the new system which OPM says is now being used by managers and HR practitioners within the agency. The result is that the hiring process takes 16 days less to bring in new OPM’ers.

OPM defines “hiring time” as beginning one day after a vacancy announcement closes and ending the day a job offer is made to an applicant.

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