More Money For Feds’ Retirement in February

The TSP stock funds all had positive returns in February 2005.

Last month, the stock funds in the TSP fund all had a negative return for the month.

But, good news for TSP investors, the funds are all back up again for February. The I fund again leads all funds in providing a good return for investors. It is up 4.34% for the month and is up 18.64% for the past 12 months.

The C fund came in second with a return of 2.06% for February. It is up 6.99% for the past 12 months. And the S fund was close. It had a return of 2.04% for February and is up 10.42% for the past 12 months.

The F fund was the only fund with a losing month. It went down 0.57% and is up 2.36% for the past 12 months. The G fund has now returned 4.36% for the past 12 months and it was up 0.37% in February.

In a typical year, January is a better month for stock market returns. This year has not been a typical one for investors as January was down. With the bounce back last month, TSP investors are about even for the year.

The falling value of the dollar probably contributed to the continuing returns of the I fund. And, as you can see from the performance of the F fund during recent days, there are concerns in the market that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates if the economy continues to perform well.

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