Draft Of GSA Reorganization Plan Released

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The General Services Administration has released a draft copy of its reorganization plan that will consolidate the Federal Technology Service and the Federal Supply Service into one operational unit to streamline federal acquisition services.

GSA’s new “Federal Acquisition Service” will replace the Federal Technology Service (FTS) and Federal Supply Service (FSS), and serve as a catalyst to make GSA the most efficient, effective, customer-focused organization possible, according to the draft reorganization plan.

“The key goal for the new Federal Acquisition Service is to improve our organizational capability to efficiently and effectively deliver excellent acquisition services that provide best value for our federal agency customers and the American taxpayers,” said GSA Administrator Stephen A. Perry.

The plan would abolish the positions of commissioners for FTS and FSS, create a commissioner for FAS, and combine the activities of the former FTS and FSS organizations.

Perry outlined the following key changes in a memo to associates:
Customer Relationship Management: will play a strong role in the new Service, helping FAS better understand customer requirements and become a strategic partner in helping to meet them.
Acquisition Management: will ensure that FAS activities are fully compliant with laws, regulations and policies, and that operating practices are consistent across business lines and Regions.
Integrated Technology Services: combines the information technology, professional services and telecommunications business lines.
General Supplies and Services: groups GSA business lines that acquire a broad range of commercial products, as well as some closely-related services and GSA specialized logistics-based activities.
Travel & Personal Property Disposal Services: The business lines in this portfolio will operate with their own respective supplier industries, but share commonalities that provide opportunities for synergy and scale.

The plan also combines FTS and FSS support functions for information technology and financial management, and enhances coordination with the GSA-wide functions of the Office of the Chief Information Technology Officer and the Office of the Chief Financial Officer.

Perry said the draft shows the top level of the new organization and is intended to provide an indication of GSA’s future direction. He said that successful completion of the plan will benefit from input from associates, industry, and others, and asked that comments and suggestions be sent by e-mail to [email protected].

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