Sunset, Results Commissions To Focus On Agency Performance Results

By on July 1, 2005 7:14 AM in Current Events with 0 Comments
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The administration recently submitted legislation to Congress that would create two types of commissions designed to improve federal agency and program performance by focusing on whether agencies and programs are achieving desired results for taxpayers.

The legislation, known as the Government Reorganization and Program Performance Improvement Act, authorizes the creation of two types of commissions – Sunset and Results – to regularly review the performance of government agencies and programs and make recommendations for improvement.

“The Sunset and Results Commissions will institutionalize a focus on results within the Executive Branch and the Congress to help government spend taxpayers’ money more wisely,” said Office of Management and Budget Deputy Director, Clay Johnson.

According to the OMB, more than 30 percent of government programs that are assessed currently are rated either ineffective or unable to demonstrate results.

Specifically, the Sunset Commission will consider presidential proposals to retain, restructure or terminate government agencies or programs. According to OMB, the Sunset Commission will hold agencies and programs accountable for performance. The bill:
– Creates a seven-member, bipartisan Commission appointed by the president in consultation with Congress
– Authorizes Congress and the president to enact a 10-year schedule for the administration to assess the performance of agencies and programs. Based on those assessments, the Commission will recommend ways agencies and programs can improve effectiveness and spend taxpayer dollars more wisely.
– Facilitates the reform, restructuring or termination of agencies and programs unable to demonstrate expected performance and results in their scheduled review.

OMB indicated that the Results Commission process will reduce unnecessary cost and overlap in programs. Congress would approve the creation of individual Results Commissions to address a single program or policy area where duplication or overlapping jurisdiction hinder reform. As an example, OMB stated the individual Results Commissions could be created to recommend improvements for programs that provide training, eliminate chronic homelessness, or reduce teen pregnancy – areas where multiple programs in different agencies share the same or similar goal.

Like the Sunset Commission, each Results Commission would be bipartisan and consist of seven members appointed by the president in consultation with Congress. Proposals approved by the commissions and the president would be considered by Congress under expedited procedures.

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