Should Congressional Pay Raise Action Impact Your 2006 Raise?

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By on October 20, 2005 in Current Events with 0 Comments

Federal spending is going higher and the increases are not sustainable. As a result, Congress is looking at ways to cut government spending.

A number of options are being considered. Defense contractors are bracing for a significant cut in the growth of defense spending. Spending on programs administered by many agencies is likely to be curtailed.

As reported earlier, a committee is looking at a variety of ways to cut federal spending. Some of these options would directly impact federal employees; other options would indirectly impact the entire workforce as spending is reduced in agencies across government. (See Federal Pay and Benefits: Tough Choices in Tough Times)

And, in a sign of how unusual the current budget situation is in government, the Senate has voted not to receive a pay increase for 2006 noting that the action would save some money for the government and, presumably, demonstrating support for cutting government spending.

Do you favor Congress not receiving a pay increase this year to show support for cutting government spending? And, on a more personal level, if Congress does not receive a pay increase, should this impact the 2006 pay raise for federal employees?

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