A Quick $100,000 to Spend For Christmas

A writer in the office of NASA’s Public and Employee Communications Office in Huntsville, Alabama has an extra $100,000 to spend.

It pays to be smart and to work with smart people.

A writer in the Public and Employee Communications Office at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center has an extra $100,000 to spend for Christmas.

According to the employee newsletter, the Marshall Star, Sherrie Super was a winner in the “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” game show that was recently televised.

Super had some strong assistance from several “lifelines” including a NASA astrophysicist.

To win $25,000, Super was asked “Once known as the ‘Tears of St. Lawrence,’ the Perseid meteor show is visible during which of these months? A) February, B) May, C) August, D) November. Super called the astrophysicist for advice and was given the correct answer. (August for any readers who may have missed it.)

She also received a question about meteor showers which, as it turns out, was in the area of expertise for the astrophysicist as well.

Super answered two more questions correctly, bringing her total winnings to $100,000. She passed on the chance to win $250,000.