Pay Increase for Lawmakers Linked to Civil Service Increase

Members of Congress will be getting an annual pay increase along with civil service personnel.

As noted in an earlier article, (See Your 2007 Pay Increase: Plenty to Make Some Happy and Some Angry) federal employees are likely to get an average pay increase of 2.7% next year. It isn’t final but now looks like it is the most likely scenario.

But, while Congressional lawmakers are ensuring that federal civil service employees and military personnel receive a pay increase, they are also taking care of themselves as well.

As part of the appropriations package for for the Departments of Treasury and Transportation, there will also be a little extra money going into the pockets of your elected representatives.

Some readers will be pleased to hear that the percentage increase will be less for the lawmakers. They will be getting an increase of 2% if everything goes according to plan. In real dollars, that amounts to $3300 per year and will increase their salaries to $168,500.

But, while there is a push to grant or deny many federal employees a pay raise based on performance, there is no such provision for those who stand for election before the voters. There performance appraisal is determined at the ballot box. If they get elected, they will get the pay raise.

At one time, there was more political heat associated with an annual pay raise for Congressional representatives. That was because there was a vote on whether to increase their pay. That is no longer the case as the annual increase is now automatic unless there is a vote to block the increase. In other words, no Congressman has to go on record has having voted in favor of giving himself a raise–it just happens.

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