Readers Say America Not Winning War on Terrorism

Readers have strong views regarding the war on terror. Whether your views resemble “Thank God for George Bush” or “the policies of this administration have created terrorists”, there is someone who agrees with you.

Since America was attacked five years ago, how safe do readers feel? Are we winning the war on terror? Has World War III begun? Last week, we asked readers their opinions on several questions related to the war on terror.

As might be expected, the comments resulted in a torrent of comments related to politics and the upcoming elections. The comments on the disparity of views are sufficiently disparate to satisfy any political view. While some readers commented that America should be united on this issue, there is a general disagreement between those that seem to favor Democrats and those that support Republicans as you can see from the sampling of comments below.

In general, many readers are feeling safer than just after the attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center but most are still uncomfortable.Here are the results.

How safe do you feel compared to five years ago?

More Safe: 28%
Less Safe: 37%
About the Same: 35%

Has American life returned to what it was before the 9/11 attacks?

Mostly returned: 31%
Has Not Returned: 44%
Somewhat Returned: 25%
Is America winning the war on terror?

yes: 25%no: 59%undecided: 17%
Do you approve of how the Bush Administration is handling the war on terror?

yes: 33%no: 59%undecided: 8%

Do you think that World War III has begun?

yes: 35%no: 45%undecided: 20%

Which political party will do a better job of fighting the war on terror?

Democrats: 30%
Republicans: 34%
No Significant Diffference: 28%
Undecided: 8%

Here is a small sampling of the comments sent in by our readers.

A retired Navy employee from Jacksonville, FL writes: "We could have been a lot closer to winning if the liberals would cooperate instead of running America down."

An administrative assistant with GSA in Kansas City, MO has this to say: "Personally I would like to see the US end the conflicts overseas in a clear, concise, final move by eliminating by whatever means (big bombs) the resources used by insurgents to harm the military efforts and civilians. My son is returning soon to Iraq and I want this to be the last time he is required to go. I grieve with those who have lost their loved ones in these confllicts and pray I do not have to face a life without my son. To the President and military commanders I say, end this fight quickly with all the fire power the US has available, for as long as it takes to get the point across."

A biologist from the Fish & Wildlife Service in Dexter, NM has this comment: "I don’t think the war on terror is winnable since it’s a guerilla war. I think we can only do our best to minimize the impact of terrorists. I think our resources for minimizing terrorism have been misdirected to Iraq."

A review appraiser from the VA in Roanoke, VA opined: "To put the democrats into power at this stage in the war on terrorism will be a disaster for the country. They have no plan but to appease, appease, appease. You cannot appease those who would cut off your head."

An assistant district manager from the Social Security Administration in South Dakota wants more action: "I expect to wake up each morning and hear we’ve dropped bombs on terrorists overnight and that many terrorists have been killed. I know much of what we do is covert but we need more definitive action against the terrorists. It appears we are doing little or nothing."

A mechanical engineer from the Military Sealift Command in Virginia Beach, VA thinks WW III has started: "The War on Terrorism (World War III) has been ongoing for some twenty to thirty years now. Even so, it is probably too soon to say who is winning. It is a sad fact that much of the world is in abject denial that this is, indeed, a world-wide conflict for the very survival of our way of life. This is going to be another long war, probably to be waged over the course of several more generations. God help us if the other side proves to be victorious."

A labor relations specialist from Customs and Border Patrol in Dallas thinks the Democrats are on the wrong track: "The Democrats are geniuses when it comes to the ‘Spin’ wars and have diverted public opinion in the direction of opposition to the war. But America is embroiled in a battle against Islamic extremists all over the world and the Democrats do not have a plan, short of capitulation to the terrorists, to address this world wide problem."

A passenger travel chief from DoD blames the Clinton administration: "Heaven Forbid that liberals get control of Congress. They cater to the perps instead of the victims in domestic and foreign cases. We need people who are not afraid to make tough decisions and stand by them. We had enough Mamby Pamby chicken-hearted decisions made (or not made) by the Clinton-Gore era. He could have gotten Osma but made the decision not to."

An employee from the Bureau of Land Management in Amarillo, TX has a similar opinion: "Thank goodness President Bush is in charge during these tough times! He is not afraid to do what needs to be done to protect our country! The Democrats hate him so much that they will sacrifice our country’s security because they want him to fail! "

A financial systems analyst from DFAS in Columbus, OH sees religious implications in the terrorism war: "I do feel we have entered WW III. As a Christian, I believe the events occuring now have been prophosied in the Bible so it looks like WWIII will be the last war for mankind. It’s a shame so many Americans know so little about the Bible that they don’t see it."

An employee of the USDA in New York City also blames Democrats for the lack of progress in the war on terror: "You must be kidding about the Democrats being the political party that will do a better job of fighting the war on terror. Except for Senator Joe Lieberman, they have been actively engaged in trying to ensure our defeat. What’s even worse in my opinion they have aided and abetted the enemy and indeed commited treason all in the name of regaining power."

A bank examiner from the Comptroller of the Currency in Omaha, NE has a diffferent priority: "The real casuality of this war has been truth. Excessive secrecy is what this administration will be most remembered for twenty years from now."

A management analyst from the Dept. of Interior in California is not proud to be an American: ‘While I have hope that WWIII has not begun I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the outcome. And, given our administration’s position and actions, I feel less safe than ever in my life. If we’re going to have to give up so many rights I would expect the result to be that we actually are safer/better protected. But, that’s not the case. Proud to be an American? Not at this time in our history."

An HR advisor from NOAA in Boulder, CO does not think highly of Republicans: "Bush’s war of choice has been the greatest recruitment tool for world-wide terrorism. There was no link between the 9/11 attackers and Iraq. Now there still isn’t, but ‘w’s war has fomented even more danger to all Western interests.  The Bush regime has curtailed our freedoms and tramped on the Constitution, all in the name of ‘fighting the war on terror’. "

An HR specialist from the Army in Alexandria, VA writes: "Anyone who feels safer today than five years ago is delusional. The war in Iraq and the policies of this administration have created thousands of potential terrorists that would willingly give up their lives, if they could take a few Americans (or British) with them."

A veterans service representative from the VA in Newark, NJ has this comment: "A terrible foreign policy blunder was made going into Iraq. We emboldened our real enemy, Iran. We should’ve concentrated on Afghanistan. We should’ve also closed the borders and focused more on homeland security."

A revenue agent from Treasury in Austin, TX said simply: "The present administration responded to 9/11 as an excuse to invade Iraq which had nothing to do with the WTC attack. The bungling of the war in Iraq has made the situation worse than if we had concentrated our efforts on Al Queda."

A configuration manager from DFAS in Pensacola, FL has this succinct observation: "Democrats surely could not do any worse than the Republicans."

A VA supervisor from San Diego doesn’t trust either party: "We’ve been lied to by BOTH parties, that I’m going to vote everyone out of office. We’ve been spending so much time/money on the bogus reasons in Iraq, and pretty much ignored Pakistan–that now Al Quaida is getting back on it’s feet."

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