Seven Ways To Warm Up Any Audience

Many readers make public presentations to the general public, other federal employees or to a mixture of groups at conferences and in meetings. Here are suggestions on how to be more successful in your presentation.

By Rosie Horner


Did you ever observe a cold audience? Have you experienced a group of participants who seem to be resistant to learning anything unless it is taking place around the swimming pool or beach lounge.

Well in this busy time of just too many things to do and lots on our mind we need to find ways to warm up that audience before we do our keynote or training.

1. If possible arrive early and chat with people

This will give you an opportunity to get a real feel of the audience. It also will alert you to issues that you may have been unaware of prior to arrival. These issues may be referral points useful in your presentation.

2. Ask your audience if they are physically comfortable

Your audience will appreciate your attempt to increase or decrease temperatures in the room or any other controllable situation that may distract them from hearing your message. This can also be done prior to a keynote if you observe people cold or too hot. You could as the meeting planner to help find the right person to change the temperature.

3. Ask your audience to applaud someone else who has done something to plan the meeting

Contributions made by people should never be taken for granted. This will not only make the person(s) feel good but it will show your sensitivity and concern. If possible have a gift ready to give to the person in front of the audience.

4. Applaud your audience for attending

Even if some of your audience is not there by choice, it is good to recognize their attendance. This will often provide a much-needed decrease in any hostile feelings by a showing of your appreciation. You could also have people turn to each other and say “I am so glad you were able to attend.”

5. Let your body language show that you are friendly

Use openhanded gestures, smile and avoid crossing arms. It is amazing how much our bodies can communicate. People are not only watching but will sense your negative or positive “vibes”.

6. Remember the passion you have for your message.

Your sincere concern for sharing a hot message with your audience will warm up a cold audience.

7. Remain PRESENT with your audience

Leave whatever may be happening in your personal life prior to walking on that platform outside the door. When you are completely tuned in to your audience they will know and feel your warmth.


Rosie Horner is a professional speaking coach, trainer and inspirational keynoter. She is passionate about empowering people to connect to their passion, purpose and full potential regardless of their age.