Breaking News: FLRA General Counsel Disappears

A recent news article on the FLRA site refers to the absence of an FLRA General Counsel. The site does not indicate where she may be though.

Where is Colleen Duffy Kiko? In a News Bulletin dated March 3, 2008, the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) offered “Unfair Labor Practice Case Processing in the Absence of a General Counsel- – Questions and Answers – -” . Nowhere on the site is any reference to Ms. Kiko’s current status.

In fact if you hit on the home page link for the General Counsel nothing happens. Of course, given the FLRA’s history of web page maintenance, that’s not really a surprise but I went to the sitemap and hit on a link to the General Counsel and got an error message.

There’s a rumor she might have moved on but no information on that is available from FLRA news area. Again, who’s surprised.

Rumor also has it that Ms. Kiko may have been headed to a job on Employee Compensation Appeals Board (ECAB) at the Department of Labor before her disappearance from the FLRA. If the FLRA had a public affairs function, I’d call and ask what’s going on but, of course, they don’t list one on the website.

If anyone finds Ms. Kiko, don’t forget to tell the FLRA where she is.

Editor’s Note: The Department of Labor website indicates that Ms. Kiko is now a member of the Employees’ Compensation Appeals Board.

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Bob Gilson is a consultant with a specialty in working with and training Federal agencies to resolve employee problems at all levels. A retired agency labor and employee relations director, Bob has authored or co-authored a number of books dealing with Federal issues and also conducts training seminars.