Not Bad for a Rookie–Or a Dog With Experience

This “rookie” helped the federal government seize nine duffel bags of marijuana in the first day on the job.

A newly deployed Border Patrol canine made an immediate impact by assisting with a 477-pound marijuana seizure in Jacumba, Calif. Tuesday.

The marijuana was discovered by a Border Patrol agent and his detector dog partner during their first shift together on Tuesday night in Jacumba. The team was on patrol when they came across nine duffel bags of marijuana stashed in the brush off of Old Highway 80, near Ribbonwood Road.

Upon the discovery, agents arrested two illegal aliens who allegedly backpacked the drugs across the border. The smuggling suspects and the marijuana were turned over to a multi-agency, anti-drug task force.

The canine, along with its Border Patrol agent handler, recently completed canine detection training and was deployed to enforcement operations this week.