Getting the Most Out of Government Employment

Getting the most out of your government career is not unlike any other career; you simply need to know what to do and where to look for any answers you seek.

As with any career, you want to get the most out of your government career and knowing how to boost your government career is essential to the success of your life. Getting the most out of your government career is not unlike any other career; you simply need to know what to do and where to look for any answers you seek.

When it comes to boosting your government career, you can start before you even begin and continue on thereafter by:

  • Negotiating: This starts before you begin your first day of work. What most people don’t understand is that a government job, just like a private sector job, is negotiable when it comes to salary. Most government employees will low-ball you when it comes to the salary they offer you. This is where the negotiations begin. Once they shoot their low-ball figure at you, then you shoot your highball figure back. Then after some “figure throwing” you will more than likely meet in the middle, or somewhere close to it and you will realize an instant boost in your government career. This tactic may not always work, but if you don’t ask it definitely won’t work.
  • Showing initiative: Once your salary has been negotiated and you begin your work, waste no time in finding out what you need to accomplish for advancement. As with any entry-level position, there is almost always room for advancement and that advancement is going to go to the individuals that take the initiative to meet certain criteria. In other words, don’t just meet the expectations of your government job exceed them.
  • Learning: This begins with asking questions. Ask your supervisor and co-workers anything and everything about your current position and what it takes to move up. But don’t stop there. Many times in a government job there are courses you can take to help you to get to the next level in your career. These courses can range from special training classes to college classes. The great thing about a government job is that many times the government will pay for these courses. All you have to do is ask what assistance is available and take full advantage of any extra schooling offered. All it will cost you is time and the rewards can be limitless.

If you are getting ready for a government job then chances are you have beat out possibly hundreds of candidates to get where you are, so why stop there? It all begins with the negotiation, which no one will do for you. You have to speak up and give it a shot. You owe it to yourself to get the most buck for your bang so to speak. There is a reason you were chosen over the other candidates and you deserve to get what you are worth. After that work hard, be diligent, and learn all that you can. The government loves efficiency and will reward those who show they have what it takes to boost themselves to great heights.

About the Author

Jason Kay is a professional resume writer and regular contributor to, a professional federal resume service and repository of sample KSA statements.