Readers Speak Out on Health Care Legislation

With the health care legislation that has occupied the political front pages for months now becoming law, what do readers think of it? A large majority says the legislation will be harmful to the country but others say it is a good start to reforming health care. Here are the results and representative comments.

Will the new health care bill help or harm the country?

In a survey of readers this week, a significant majority (69.1%) thinks the new legislation will be harmful while 24.7% believe it will be helpful. 6.2% of readers responding are undecided. About 2500 readers responded to the survey.

From the comments received, there are strong opinions on both sides of the issue. Those that think the health care legislation will be helpful often cited the "humane nature" of the legislation or commented that it was "overdue."

Those that were opposed cited the cost, loss of freedom for Americans and decried the big step toward "socialism" in the lives of Americans.

As might be expected from the survey results, most of the comments were from readers who believe the legislation will be harmful. Here is a sample of the comments sent in by readers.

  • Unfunded. Unaffordable.
  • We are on that slippery-slope of the federal government running all aspects of our lives. I don’t think that’s what we signed up for. It is very heartbreaking the turn of events for my country.
  • Our country will be broke in no time. How can we justify insuring 30 million additional people without added taxes to the middle class. The math just doesn’t work out, and I took advanced calculus!
  • As passed it will not decrease costs, only increase them, across the board and make even more people unable to afford health care.
  • TOTAL B.S. — Unconstitutional — Make sure you remember this in 2012 and vote OBAMA and his supporters out of public office.
  • President Obama LIED !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The President says that it will save millions of dollars, but it won’t. My grandchildren and great-grandchildren will pay for it for years to come.
  • 32 million new eligible patients and "0" new healthcare workers is one gigantic mismatch (treatment ability and cost – will continue to lead to lack of access and resources to pay) plus the reduction in medicare will impact (ration care) for the elderly depending on supplemental or gap plans to pay the difference in medicare and total cost.
  • It’s one more step towards socialism.
  • If you think healthcare is expensive now — just wait until it’s "free".
  • "socialized medicine is the first step to a socialist society", Vladimir Il’itch Lenin
  • When you are broke, you stop spending. This monstrosity will destroy our country unless we can stop it before it gets legs.
  • As any/all Federal employees know—we are extremely inefficient when it comes to managing any large program AND this one will be HUGE!
  • The federal government does not have the capability and experience to manage one tenth of the economy (health care complex). The federal government could set guidelines or regulations but here they are going to set panel and approval boards. This is a disaster in the making.
  • Our founding fathers are turning in their graves. This is the first step to socialism. Whatever crisis this brings us, I’m sure this administration will not "let it go to waste". It’s time for another revolution.
  • we are headed for total socialism. If that’s what you want you’ve now got it.
  • Boy, I just LOVE taking care of others through my tax dollars! Gotta love Dems! Is there ANY incentive to be successful? Is my facetiousness noted?
  • United States of America, July 4th, 1776 – March 23rd, 2010. RIP.
  • Healthcare has never been a right under the constitution. It is a commodity that one purchases. It will destroy our economy.
  • Atlas has once again shrugged as the burden grows ever harder to bear!

Of course, not everyone agreed with these sentiments and there were also a number of comments from readers who think the legislation will help the country. Here is a sample of these comments:

  • Thank goodness someone finally addressed the Health Care Crisis
  • after over 100 yrs, it is about time!
  • It’s a start.
  • People are suffering out there. To side with insurance companies over providing health care for Americans who don’t have it, is just outrageous. The republicans are once again on the wrong side of history.
  • Ignore the luddites. This is about supporting humane treatment of the citizens of this country.
  • While far from perfect, the cost associated with doing nothing is not sustainable.
  • Long overdue, this country needs to start somewhere. This lays the foundation for success.
  • How could it be bad for people to have access to health care that did not have it before? The real question will be the controlling of costs. If these can be contained, it will definitely be a win win.
  • It had to happen or we’d be saving all our lives just to have a hip replacement or cancer surgery, not for an enjoyable retirement.
  • We have officially parted company with the only two developed nations that do not provide health care for its citizens: Turkey and Mexico.
  • Why would you want your neighbor to go without health care! Those against are the same ones who hate the 14th amendment

Our thanks to all of our readers who took the time to vote in this survey and a special thanks to those who took the time to send in their written comments.