Report to the National Council on Federal Labor Management Relations

This is the June 7, 2010 “Report to the National Council on Federal Labor Management Relations”

Report to the National Council on Federal Labor Management Relations

June 7, 2010

National Council on Federal LMR Working Group on Pilot Projects

The Work Group met on May 25, 2010 to develop general guidelines and recommendations for establishing pilot projects on bargaining matters covered by

5 USC 7106 (b)(1). The discussion centered on providing recommended actions to the full Council

Work Group Meeting Attendees

Denise Biaggi-Ayer –VA

Carol Bonosaro – SEA

Tim Curry – DOD

John Gage – AFGE

Amanda Gill – DOL

W. Scott Gould – VA

Seth D. Harris – Labor

Karen Hilliard – DHS

Justin Johnson – OPM

Gregory Junemann – IFPTE

Colleen Kelly – NTEU (Online)

Emily Kornegay-OMB

Gina Lightfoot – Walker – NAGE

Jade Mariano – Treasury

Jeffery Neal – DHS

Rob Shriver – OPM

Sara Whittle Spooner – FLRA

Clifford L. Stanley – DOD

Dan Tangherlini – Treasury

Thomas Wachter – OPM

Carol Waller Pope – FLRA

OPM Staff


Topics Discussed in the Meeting

  • Who should/will participate in the pilot program?
  • Which agencies?
  • What are the subjects/criteria of the pilot program?
  • What is the process we will use to establish these criteria and subsequently manage the pilots?
  • How/Who will be trained?
  • How will we use ADR for the pilots?
  • How will we assess success of the pilot? What are the metrics?
  • When are we going to do this? (Target start and completion dates)
  • How are we going to document and report results of this session for the June 7th meeting?
  • Determine outline for deliverable to the President

    Who will participate in the pilot(s)?

  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Labor
  • Department of Treasury
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Office of Personnel Management
  • Social Security Administration (Subject to review and certification of Implementation Plan)
  • Other agencies are highly encouraged to participate
  • Subjects/criteria of the pilot(s)

    The pilot (s) will cover no fewer than 500 bargaining unit employees or involve a significant agency process (could impact less than 500 bargaining unit employees)

    –500 minimum threshold may be achieved with one or more individual bargaining units

    –Pilot (s) can involve agencies or labor organizations not specifically represented on the National Council (e.g. National Credit Union Administration)

    The pilot (s) will cover any combination of subjects covered by 5 USC 7106(b)(1):

    –Numbers, types, and grades of employees or positions assigned to any organizational subdivision, work project, or tour of duty;

    –Technology, methods, and means of performing work.

    –The portfolio of pilots must cover at least one (number, type and grade) category and one (technology, methods and means) category and one with both categories.

    For example, a pilot could be limited to:

    –      Types of employees assigned to a tour of duty; or

    –Technology used in performing work; or

    –      Any combination of subjects covered by 5 USC 7106(b)(1)

    Process to establish criteria and subsequently manage the pilots

    –Ask Labor/Agency Forums to work out pilot details, subject to criteria and timeline approved by the Council

    –Require that everyone who will be negotiating on (b)(1) subjects get joint training (managers and supervisors, union representatives and members of  forums)

    –The FLRA is available to provide (b) (1) training to all pilot participants

    –Encourage use of a variety of approaches to help negotiating teams reach agreement, for example, ADR

    How will we assess the pilots?

    Measure changes in:

    –organizational performance (to ensure that pilots contribute to better government);

    –employee satisfaction; and,

    –labor-management relations.

    Align pilot measures with Council approved measures emphasizing improved efficiency and effectiveness of agency operations Link with ongoing Metrics Work Group


  • Report to Council and approve criteria on June 7th
  • Task Agency Management and Union teams to develop their proposed pilot plans and report to Council within 30 days
  • Plan, organize and train pilot personnel within 120 days
  • Start pilots no later than November 2010
  • Conduct pilot for 18 months from start date
  • Prepare pilot reports and report to the Council on results
  • Letter of Recommendation to the President

    The letter should include the following key components:

  • Goal
  • Process including selection criteria
  • Outcomes by participant agencies
  • Analysis of performance measures and overall benefit net of cost
  • Options
  • Recommendation
  • Appendix A through Z, providing 3-5 page Agency case studies