Popular Topics: Mandatory Leave, Death Benefits and Retirement

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  • Mandatory Unpaid Leave for Federal Employees in 2011

    A bill has been introduced that would allegedly cut $5.5 billion from
    the federal budget by requiring two weeks of mandatory unpaid leave for
    federal employees. The bill is also designed to ensure “that federal
    workers are not sheltered from the realities of life in today’s
  • Federal Employee Death Benefits: The Daughter is Not Her Mother’s Spouse
    Here’s a rather bizarre case revolving around who should be paid death
    benefits for a federal employee whose husband was found in a civil court
    case to have been responsible for her death.
  • HR 6134: Mandatory Unpaid Leave for Federal Employees
    The purpose of HR 6134 is: “To provide for a 10 percent reduction in pay
    for Members of Congress, to make Federal civilian employees subject to a
    period of mandatory unpaid leave, and to reduce appropriations for
    salaries and expenses for offices of the legislative branch, during
    fiscal year 2011, and for other purposes.”
  • How Do You Determine Your Length of Service for Retirement?
    There are many things that can affect your length of service (e.g.,
    deposits, re-deposits etc.). This article covers the basic calculation
    of length of service, including how sick leave is added to your length
    of service for computation purposes.
  • For Federal Employees, The Retirement Numbers Don’t Add Up
    When considering retirement, federal employees have differing opinions.
    And according to a 2006 survey conducted by the Office of Personnel
    Management (OPM) and the International Foundation for Retirement
    Education, federal employees have contrasting answers in how they view
    their retirement.
  • Spending Cut Proposal Includes Reducing Federal Employee Pensions
    Every politician running for Congress professes to worry about the
    country’s debt but no one is specific about what he would do, save for
    rhetoric like “cut spending” or “raise taxes.” The Center for American
    Progress has issued “A Thousand Cuts” to identify spending cuts that
    include reducing federal employee and military pensions.

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