Seeking Furloughs for Federal Employees

Congressman Mike Coffman (R-CO) wants to cut Congressional salaries by 10 percent and force federal civilian employees to take a two-week furlough in an attempt to cut costs. He says the cuts would save taxpayers some $5.5 billion.

Congressman Mike Coffman of Colorado introduced his deficit-reducing plan this week that would subject federal civilian employees to a two-week furlough and reduce Congressional members’ salaries by 10 percent. The measure is expected to save taxpayers some $5.5 billion.

“Furloughs are becoming commonplace for state and local governments, and it’s only reasonable for the federal government to follow suit,” Coffman said.

“I want to make the U.S. government as cost conscious as the states,” Coffman said. “At least 24 states have enacted similar budget-cutting measures, while the federal government continues to grow and rack up debt.”

Coffman’s bill, H.R. 270, would require federal civilian employees to take a non-consecutive, two week furlough in 2012. The measure would also reduce Congressional office budgets, as well as enact a 10 percent reduction in pay for members of Congress. An exception is provided in the bill for national security or reasons relating to public health or safety, including law enforcement.

“Last week we put the 112th Congress on the right track by voting to reduce all Congressional office budgets by five percent,” Coffman said. “My plan just takes that intention to the next level, providing even greater cost savings to the American taxpayers at a time when they most need a helping hand in Washington.”   

The Congressman says his proposal will save the American taxpayers $5.5 billion.