Highest Paid US Postal Service Employees

Which Postal Service employees make the most money and where do they work? Here is the answer in data retrieved from FedsDataCenter.com.

Probably the question that is asked most frequently by readers with regard to federal salaries is, “Who makes the highest salaries?”

Keep in mind that even though the Postal Service is going broke, it still sells a lot of stamps and hires a lot of people. The agency currently employs about 574,000 people and 2010 sales for the agency were $67 billion. The total paid in salaries for these 30 executives is $6,115,840 for an average salary of $203,861. Paying the salaries for these top 30 individuals requires selling 13,590,756 first class stamps at the current price of 45 cents for mailing a first class letter.

Here are the names, positions, salaries and geographic location of the highest paid Postal Service folks. Most, but not all, are in the Washington, DC area. As one might expect, those that are highest on the organization chart often have the highest salaries.

No doubt, many Members of Congress will be envious of the higher salaries but, presumably, it is harder to hire Postal Service executives capable of doing a good job than it is to attract people to run for Congress.

Donahoe Patrick Postmaster General $276,840  Washington  DC
Stroman Ronald Deputy Postmaster General $245,000 Washington  DC
Vegliante Anthony Chief HR Officer $240,000  Washington  DC
Corbett  Joseph Executive VP and CFO  $239,000  Washington  DC
Brennan  Megan Executive VP, COO  $235,000  Washington DC
Burgoyne  Ellis Executive, VP, CIO  $230,000 Washington DC
Gibbons  Mary Executive VP, General Counsel $230,000  Washington  DC
Kearney  Stephen Manager, Stamp Services  $199,000  Washington  DC
Black  Sylvester VP, Area Operations  $199,000 Denver  CO
Uluski Richard VP, Area Operations $199,000 Windsor CT
Feindt  Jo Ann VP, Area Operations $199,000  Bloomingdale  IL
Small  Jordan VP, Area Operations  $199,000  Pittsburgh  PA
Aliperto  Drew VP, Area Operations  $199,000  San Diego  CA
Fields  David VP, Area Operations  $199,000  Gaithersburg  MD
Haney  Timothy VP, Area Operations  $199,000  Gaithersburg MD
Moore  Julie Secretary, Board of Governors  $193,000  Washington DC
Day  Thomas Chief Sustain Officer  $193,000  Washington  DC
Giannoni-Jackson Deborah Employee Res Mgm $191,000 Washington DC
Granholm  Dean VP Delivery, PO Operations  $191,000  Washington DC
Brownell  Susan VP, Supply Management  $189,000  Washington  DC
Masse  Stephen VP, Financer Planning  $189,000  Washington DC
Samra  Tom VP, Facilities  $189,000  Washington  DC
Tulino  Douglas VP, Labor Relations  $189,000  Washington  DC
Williams,  Jr. David VP, Network Operations  $187,000  Washington  DC
Pulcrano  Samuel VP, Corporate/Comm  $187,000  Washington  DC
Rucker III  William VP, Sales  $187,000  Washington  DC
LaChance  Susan VP, Cons and Ind Affairs  $187,000  Washington  DC
Reblin  Gary Domestic Products  $186,000  Washington  DC
O’Reilly  Timothy  VP, Controller  $185,000  Washington  DC
Dominguez Maria Therese VP, Government Relations, PP  $184,000  Washington  DC

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