Results of Presidential Preference Survey

FedSmith asked readers which candidate will receive their vote for president in November. More than 9000 readers responded and the strong divisions evident among all Americans are evident in the results of this survey as well.

This week, we asked readers to express their preference on who they would like to see as the next president of the United States. 9,387 people responded and sent in their vote.

It is not surprising that the vote was close as most polls are currently showing that the election in November will be very close. While FedSmith readers are almost all current or retired federal employees and have their own unique interests and concerns, the results of this survey mirror a nationwide poll of likely voters taken at the same time by Rasmussen. Here is how readers answered the question, If the election were held today, who would receive your vote for President?

Mitt Romney 47.8%
Barack Obama 43.5%
Other 8.8%

Some analysts have predicted that the 2012 election will be one of the most nasty national elections we have seen in modern times. And, based on the written views sent in by readers, this prediction may be correct.

From the written opinions submitted by readers, many—perhaps most—readers are voting against one candidate or the other rather than voting for a person based on a positive view of that candidate. Many of these reasons for voting a particular way sound familiar as the candidates and their surrogates are often repeating the same reasons. You can reach your own conclusions from reading the comments at the end of this article.

Another opinion of some analysts is that there will be more enthusiasm for their candidate among Republicans this year than among Democrats. Since the election is still about six months away, it is too early to know what the mood of the electorate will be in November but, in this survey, the enthusiasm gap seemed to be tilted slightly in favor of the Republican candidate. A few more people who took this poll voted for John McCain than those that voted for Barack Obama. Here are the results to the question: Who received your vote in America’s last presidential election?

Barack Obama 45.0%
John McCain 47.7%
I did not vote 3.7%
Other 3.6%

Most of those who participated in this survey indicated they intend to vote in November. Of the small percentage who are not voting, at least some are basing their decision to refrain from voting because they don’t like either candidate. 95.7% of survey participants indicated they will be voting for president in November; 2.8% have not decided if they will vote and 1.5% will not be voting.

Among those who took the survey, 33.4% identified themselves as Republicans. 33.1% said they were independent voters and 29.3% identified themselves as Democrats.

Of all respondents who identified themselves as Republicans, 84% said they plan to vote for Romney. Of the respondents who identified themselves as independent voters, nearly half (47.5%) said they plan to vote for Romney in the upcoming election.

Of all the respondents who identified themselves as Democrats, 87.6% said they plan to vote for Obama. Of the respondents who identified themselves as independent voters, 40.9% intend to vote for President Obama.

The economy is seen as the most important issue in this campaign with government spending a distant second concern.

Here are the answers to the question: What is the most important issue facing America?

health care 5.4%
government spending 16.7%
national security 2.1%
economy 56.7%
government ethics and corruption 8.8%
taxes 2.6%


More than 1,700 readers sent in their written opinion in support of their vote. Some of the opinions do not indicate who the person is actually voting for as the comment was along the lines of: “I am voting for the lesser of two evils.”

Here are a few representative samples of the comments from readers indicating why they are voting for a particular candidate. The first comments are from readers who prefer to see a President Romney.

  • President Obama is simply in over his head! We need a President who understands how to get this country back to work and functioning again and Mitt Romney is that person.
  • It appears that the current administration has been lying to we the people. the economy is bad, the government is failing in ethics, govt.corruption is worse than ever,Obamacare is a joke,national security is at rist, taxes are rising and the cost of living is rising as well. Food prices and gasoline prices are out of sight. We need a real change, not false & broken promises. Another issue is immigration, illegal and otherwise.
  • Buyer’s remorse – big mistake
  • The spending that has gone on within the past three years is outragous. Instead of various stimulous incentives, the government needs to focus on creating new jobs to get the economy back on track. It also makes no sense to continually print more money.
  • Another 4 years of Obama, even though he has done a pretty good job scares me. I am afraid that a second term will bring out what I call his “radical” side and we may see a different person emerge as POTUS. I don’t really like Romney either, but the “less of two evils” theory would win with me!
  • Obamacare is destroying business and jobs in this country. It’s repeal is essential to getting the economy running again.
  • FORWARD over a cliff, just like France.
  • Getting people back to work is the #1 priority. Believe Mitt Romney can make more progress on that than Obama.
  • I do not want to have a socialist government and that is what we would have with Obama.
  • ABO – Anybody But Obama
  • We need to move this country back in the direction of less government intervention, less government spending, a strong military defense, and confidence in our elected leaders.
  • This country is on a downward spiral, and, the politicians have to grab hold and work on fixing it. There needs to ba a non-partisan view of addressing the issues. The present President will never broker a fix.
  • Obama is taking us down the wrong path. America will no longer be a great nation is he wins another 4 years. I fear for the well being of our nation.
  • I had high hopes for President Obama but he is the most partisan president I have ever seen in my life time, time for him to go.


Comments from readers who prefer a second term for Barack Obama:

  • As a Federal employee Romney’s rhetoric is kind of scary. He doen’t seem to appreciate what Federal employees do for the country.
  • President Obama should be re-elected because he is doing a good job. Other who don’t want him just don’t want a Black man ruling them.
  • I’m not saying Obama is perfect but If your labor, it’s the only way to vote.
  • I’m not “for” Obama – just against this particular group of Republicans.
  • Give the man time to try to FIX this nation’s economy. He’s definitely on the right track and he means well in his leading this nation. Give him a chance!!
  • GOP is punishing the worker, especially the government employees. We did not created this mess, but we are suffer in the hands of my party. So, everyone in our worke force believed Obama is the best of two evil and we are going to vote for him.
  • Republicans and their candidate believe the American Dream is wealth (as in $). They attack those who believe their fellow man comes before profit. My choice is a no-brainier.
  • I’m voting the democratic ticket because I am tired of the republicans bashing federal employees. I will never vote for another republican.
  • I do believe that President Obama is doing the very best he can with the economy that he inherited from the previous President. I am very pleased with how he handles the affairs of the United States. President Obama knows and can relate to the middle-lower income folks and understands how we struggle daily for our survival. This is the Island Way, Unity and making a change for the better even if it takes another term in the presidency.
  • Although Mr. Obama is targeting federal employees a little too much and making a wrong headed choice in requiring religious institutions to provide birth control and abortion pill to its insurance subscribers, contrary to their religious beliefs, he is stil the most intelligent, thoughtful and wise candidate out there.
  • I would not vote for someone who thinks it is okay to cut Federal Government salaries to fix a budget.
  • I am an independent that has voted for both Democratic and Republican presidents. President Obama is the easy choice for reelection because Mitt Romney cannot be trusted to tell the truth.
  • Obama has done a good job only to face an obstructionist Republican Congress.
  • The republicans remain a thinly disguised front for big banks, big business and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Nothing changes except the players.
  • Republican attacks on Federal employees/benefits has turned me against their party.

Our thanks to everyone who took the time to participate in this survey and a special thanks to those who took the extra time to send in a written comment.