Words and Phrases You Don’t Need In Your Writing

These are four words and phrases that are best left out of your written material.

In order (as in, “In order to…”)

What’s the difference between “in order to” and “to?”

Well (as in, “Well, that’s a good point…”)

Any difference between “Well, that’s a good point” and “That’s a good point?”

I believe (as in, “I believe we should…”)

Does “I believe we should” lose any meaning when you shorten it to “We should?”

As to (as in, “I’m not sure as to whether…”)

“I’m not sure whether” should do the trick.

About the Author

Robbie Hyman is a professional communications and public affairs writer. He has 15 years’ experience writing for nonprofits, small business and multibillion-dollar international organizations and is available as a freelance writer for federal agencies.

Robbie has written thousands of pages of content, including white papers, speeches, published articles, reports, manuals, newsletters, video scripts, advertisements, technical document and other materials. He is also co-founder of MoneySavvyTeen.com, an online course that teaches smart money habits to teenagers.