Annuity Statement Now Available Online: Can You Find It?

The information for federal annuity payments is now available from the OPM website. Here is how to actually find the information you may be seeking about next year’s annuity payment.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has issued a notice to retired federal employees notifying them that they can now access their information on the amount they will be receiving in their annuity checks in 2015. The information available also includes the amount they will be paying toward their federal health insurance under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan (FEHB).

The notice reads, in part:

Your Annual Notice of Annuity Adjustment is now available to be viewed. Log into Services Online at to view/print your notice. You can find your Annual Notice of Annuity Adjustment by clicking on the Annuity Statement link on the Services Online main page. This notice includes your monthly annuity rate; and, if applicable, displays the survivor rate, the 2015 monthly health benefit premium and any other changes or additions that occurred during the month of December.

For some retired federal employees, here are our best wishes: Good luck in locating the information you are seeking.

The information is there. It may be necessary for some who may not have good eyesight to increase the print size on their monitor to find the annuity information. As noted in the announcement, the information is available “by clicking on the Annuity Statement link on the Services Online main page.” For those who think this will be highlighted, you would be wrong. When first entering the Services Online site, you will see a security message with this information at the top:


To advance beyond this page, click on the box that reads “Continue to Main Menu.”

Can you quickly find the link to locate your annuity statement? While at first it may appear to be a version of  “Where’s Waldo,” the information is there.

While many were probably expecting the annuity statement information to be highlighted in some way since the email notification was just sent out, that did not happen and you may have to search carefully.

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