Can I Do an MRA +10 Without a Reduced Benefit?

I am looking to do MRA +10. Can I do it without a reduced benefit and keep my health insurance benefits?

Q: I was hired by the VA (FERS) at 50 yrs old in 2010 after retiring from State Police. I am looking to do MRA +10 at 60 in 2020. Can I do it without a reduced benefit and keep my health insurance benefits?

A: Yes you can carry your FEHB into retirement in the scenario you describe. The requirements for carrying FEHB over into retirement are that you be enrolled for the five years immediately before retirement, that you be enrolled on the day of retirement and that you retire on an immediate annuity (i.e., one that is payable within 30 days of separation). You will meet all of these requirements if you retire at age 60 under the MRA+10 criteria.

Unfortunately, you cannot eliminate the reduction to your MRA+10 pension. If you retire at age 60, your pension will be reduced by 10%.

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