More Severe Winter Weather in DC But Federal Offices Open on Wednesday

Federal offices are open in Washington on Wednesday, February 18 but the severe winter weather is not over yet.

The federal government is open again today in the Washington, DC metropolitan area after the winter storm closed government offices earlier this week. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) announced that for Wednesday, February 18, employees can take unscheduled leave or work from home.

On Tuesday, the area received about 4 inches of snow on the District with heavier amounts in some areas outside of the District. As a result, federal government offices were closed on Tuesday with some employees working from home as is the usual government policy.

But, since it is February, the winter storms are not over. More snow is expected in the DC area later on Wednesday. The National Weather Service warns drivers to expect slippery, snow-covered roads and visibilities as low as a quarter-mile for the Wednesday evening commute.

The temperature on Wednesday night is predicted to fall to 15 degrees with the wind chill  below zero Wednesday night and as much as another inch of snow.

So, while government offices were closed for the first time in 2015 on Tuesday of this week, it is not likely to be the last of the winter weather or possible closing of government offices due to winter weather in Washington.

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