What is the Salary of an Individual Federal Employee? Here’s How to Find Out

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The FedSmith database of individual federal employee salaries has been updated with the data from fiscal year 2014.

To conduct a search, go to the federal employee salary search at FedsDataCenter.com.

To locate an individual’s salary, just follow the “last name, first name” format when typing so your entry will have the formatting of this example: “Jones, Sam” and then click on the “go” button to activate your search.

When doing a search, you can specify with a pull-down menu that up to 100 names can be displayed at a time in the results. The default is to display 10 names.

This graphic highlights where to enter a name for searching and also highlights the “go” button to activate the search:

Image depicting search parameters for federal employee salary search on FedsDataCenter.com

You can search federal employee salaries by name, agency, location, occupation and year


The default setting is for a search of 2014 salaries. It is possible to search within any individual year from 2010-2014 for those who wish to do so.

Using the example of searching for “Jones, Sam”, the screenshot below depicts how the initial results will appear:

Image depicting search results from the federal employee salary search on FedsDataCenter.com

This image illustrates typical search results when searching the federal employee salary database on FedsDataCenter.com


We also recently updated the Postal Service employee database on FedsDataCenter.com with the 2015 salary data which you can search as well.

We hope you will find these datasets for the federal workforce to be of interest.

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