Was My Personal Information Hacked… Or Not?

I recall reading that federal employees would be notified by June 30 whether or not their personal data had been compromised in the OPM data breaches, and if they received no notice, they could assume they were not compromised. Can you help me locate where I read this and how to determine the status of my personal information?

Q: I read all about how Federal folks (I am CSRS) would be notified by 30-June-15 whether or not their individual accounts were hacked. If no notification was received, then no hack occurred.

Later I read that no one had been informed in a timely manner that they were hacked. Hence, a lot of Federal folks recently concluded “no hack on my account.”

Could you please refer me back to the article I am trying to recall? Right now, I have not been able to find a way to determine my status, and therefore have started paying monthly “Credit Lock” fees to Transunion, Equifax, and Experian, because I have never received a notification letter telling me I was not hacked.

A: I am not sure what article you read. But, OPM did put out this news release on June 4th.

At that time they were planning to send out up to 4 million letters to feds they believed had their identities hacked. I would be leery of assuming you have not been compromised simply because you haven’t received a letter. I believe some feds were being notified via email. We all know how easy it is to delete an email (thinking it is Junk mail) only to find later that it was important.

Plus, since the OPM news release, the potential hacked figure has continued to escalate. Last I heard, it was up to 21 million or more.

Just based on the sheer numbers, I would think that it is still very possible your information has been compromised and you just don’t know it yet.

I like the steps you have taken so far, and I would continue to do what you can to protect yourself. Below is an article I recently (July 5th, 2015) published, on FedSmith.com, giving feds some ideas on steps they can take to shield their identities.

It is titled, Defiled Fed, You’re Clearly ‘Hacked’ Off, But What Can You Do To Protect Yourself?.

I hope this helps you safeguard your hard earned and valuable identity from unscrupulous crooks.

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