Congress Proposes New Bill For 25% Federal Pay Raise

April 1, 2016 1:52 PM , Updated August 24, 2016 7:09 PM
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A bi-partisan group of Senators and Representatives today announced they are proposing a Bill to recognize the contributions of Federal workers with a new performance management process that includes a generous pay raise of 25%, rollback of the retirement contribution increases, and a new bonus program that offers cash bonuses of up to 20%.

So far 250 House members and 87 Senators have signed on as co-sponsors. The co-sponsors, who rode into the Capitol on unicorns, said “It is time to put aside politics and do the right thing.”

The new Bill – entitled the “Awards for Performance, Rewarding Inspired Loyal Feds of our Land Act of 2016” (APRIL FOOL 2016), is expected to signed by the President in a gala ceremony on July 4.

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