Retirement Ideas for Federal Employees

Retirement is personal, and as such there is no wrong way to enjoy it. The author provides some ideas as a starting point for ways federal employees can spend their time in retirement.

Retirement is earned after decades of hard work. Federal employees set to retire can finally look forward to the freedom and time they’ve earned.

Because federal work can be exacting, it may take time to adjust to that new-found freedom. Finding ways to spend that time, which is both enjoyable and productive, can be a challenge.

Thankfully, it’s possible to have a fulfilling retirement with a bit of careful planning and brainstorming. There are many opportunities available for retirees of federal employment.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Around

The transition from working life to retirement is just that – a transition. It may take time to relearn how to approach each day, especially financially. Retirement consultation services for federal employees can be a help to those looking for fiscal advice. Financial experts who understand federal employment guidelines can help retirees through processes like drafting dreams and making budgets. One of the biggest benefits of using a financial planning service is the peace of mind that comes with clear figures.

It’s important for retirees to know their monthly limits so they don’t run into trouble. Financial planning shows what kind of lifestyle they can comfortably enjoy. In many cases, they can also look into phased retirement options so the change isn’t so shocking.

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Retirement, for many people, is a time to pursue lifelong dreams. Whether they want to travel the world or open a small business, the idea is the same – it’s time to chase opportunities that federal work and finances prevented in the past. Here are some of the best things for retirees to try beyond the 9 to 5.

  • Purchase a motorhome. Saying goodbye to a regular home (for a while, at least) and mean experiencing the freedom of extensive travel with the comforts of home. Potentially, a motorhome means saving money over a long period of time because you cut out hotels and RV storage. When looking for insurance, ask for discounts for federal retirees.
  • Remodel the home. Many retirees choose to work on their nest before exploring other options. Extra free time means it’s easier to work with contractors or tackle DIY projects. Retirement means more time to plan additions, like a swimming pool, for visiting family or grandchildren to enjoy.
  • Lots of us dream about leaving the city for the country and vice versa. Without work holding them down, retirees can find a new home just about anywhere. Moving is a great way to enjoy better weather, scenery, and economy. If you go this route you may want to move in the winter when moving company rates are lower. Check for mortgages designed for federal employees.
  • Create a new business. Retirees make perfect candidates for new businesses because they have working experience and extra time to devote to their company. “Handmade” shops (like candles and woodworking) are especially popular because the process of making the items is quite therapeutic in itself. What’s more, the extra money can go towards other retirement projects or building a garage workshop.
  • Travel the world. This one is a no-brainer for many people. Federal retirees can see new states and continents once they’ve retired. Dreams of wine-tasting in Italy or fresh bread in France can become a reality. Cruises are a very popular travel desire as well and cruise deals are definitely out there.
  • Few things are as satisfying as helping others. Retirees can reach out to local organizations and do things like walk shelter dogs or serve food at soup kitchens. Volunteering is also a great way to make new connections.
  • Retirees have a lot more experience in the world than most. They can begin local classes to share their favorite hobbies or interests. Not only will they spread excitement, they’ll also have a bit more money in the process.
  • Visit family. Work and life can make it hard to connect with loved ones. Many retirees take advantage of their freedom to spend more time with family members. Being retired is especially convenient when there are new grandchildren to care for.
  • Return to school. It’s never too late to make life changes. Finishing or extending an education will help retirees find new opportunities and pursue dreams that have been put on the back burner. Find universities that offer discounts to federal employees and retirees.
  • Learn a new skill. One thing about having free time: there is plenty of room in the schedule for practice. Retirement is a fantastic time to learn a new skill, like speaking a different language. Retirees can also share this new skill with others.
  • Find a fresh hobby. Hobbies are therapeutic, relaxing, and fun. Retirees have time to perfect new techniques and take on new hobbies like collecting stamps or birdwatching. There are usually associations and social media pages, too, so they can connect with other enthusiasts.
  • Write a book. Everyone has dreamed of penning a novel, but retirement means there’s time to churn out the thousands of words it takes. Retirees can devote as much time as they like drafting and editing, increasing the chances of being published. You can publish your own book or use a traditional publishing firm.
  • Start a blog. A blog offers many of the same benefits of writing a book but with a more intimate feeling. Blogs can also help connect other activities, like traveling and crafting.
  • Join a fitness group. It’s important to stay active and be healthy at all ages. Retirees can see huge emotional and physical benefits from joining fitness groups. They’ll be able to make new friends while strengthening muscles and feeling better in general. There are many that offer better rates for federal employees.
  • Offer babysitting services. Most retirees have experience with children, making them perfect candidates for babysitting. Plus, an evening with young children can be inspiring and fulfilling.
  • Find a part-time job. Some people feel better having a regular job. Securing a part-time position is a great compromise, allowing the retiree to enjoy more free time while still bringing in extra income. Some retirees combine work with travel by getting a job at a resort in a national park or other interesting place.
  • Nothing at all. Retirement is a reward for a lifetime of hard work. There’s no reason to do anything spectacular unless you want to. For some, retirement doesn’t need to be anything more than gardening, a favorite television show, and a comfortable seat.

Retirement is personal – there’s no wrong way to enjoy it. Former federal employees should spend time thinking about their desires for the future and then create opportunities to make those things come true.

About the Author

Jason Kay is a professional resume writer and regular contributor to, a professional federal resume service and repository of sample KSA statements.