Are There Any Proposed Cuts to Benefits of Retired Federal Employees?

I am a federal employee who is already retired under CSRS. Are there any proposals for retirement changes that would impact those of us who have already left federal service?

Q: I am an already retired federal employee under CSRS. Besides the “chained CPI” issue, which is bad enough, are there any proposals for retirement payment changes for retired federal employees? They aren’t considering re-figuring our pensions from high-3 to high-5, after the fact, or any other proposals to lower our pensions? I’ve been fearing this with President Trump!

A: The proposals recommended (not introduced in Congress so far) would not generally impact retired federal employees. However, if a chained CPI were to pass, that would likely have some impact on future COLA’s.

Proposals outlined would generally grandfather employees retired or with 25 or more years of service.

We do not know what actually will transpire. We look forward to being able to provide updated information as it becomes available to, hopefully, provide reassurance to our readers.

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