150 Federal Union Officials Stole Over $4.5 Million From Members Since 2001

August 14, 2018 10:26 AM , Updated August 24, 2018 11:20 AM
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The information provided in this article comes directly from the Department of Labor’s Criminal and Civil Enforcement Actions website. All I have done is collate it.

The title of the article is likely an underestimation as DOL’s report does not indicate where unions who represent in both private and federal sector have the recognition giving rise to the criminal activity. The report covers the period from 2001 to the present. You can read every plea or conviction for yourself.

I did not include postal unions as they are not covered by the same federal statute as the ones mentioned here.

Below is a chart compiled from the data on the DOL site:

Union Number of Officials Pleading Guilty or Convicted Amount of Theft/Embezzlement
American Federation of Government Employees 117 $3,735,783.82
National Federation of Federal Employees 9 $280,361.17
National Association of Government Employees 7 $105,839.48
 National Treasury  Employees Union 7 $110,293.18
Civilian Technicians Unions (National Guard Only) 6 $230,719.00
National Air Traffic Controllers Association 1 Unspecified
International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) 3 $71,065.00
Total 150 $4,534,061.65

FedSmith has included the entire report as part of this article.

On the average, these people each took over $30,000.00 of the funds resulting from dues charged to members of the involved unions. It is also apparent that one union stands out in this report.

There are a number of media reporting services primarily or at least actively covering the Federal government. If a Federal employee embezzled $50.00 from the Girl Scout cookie sales box, it would make it on most of those services. If a Federal manager got his or her car washed at government expense, it would make all of them.

This story has been out there to be reported for years. I have written about it on FedSmith before and have never seen it addressed by the “press”.

Federal Union Criminal Enforcement Actions 2001-2018

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