FLRA Boston Closure Announcement Coming in November

The Federal Register notice of closing the Boston Regional Office of the FLRA is expected in November.

As noted in an earlier article, the FLRA has announced the closing of its regional office in Dallas. That closure will go into effect on September 21, 2018.

The FLRA previously disclosed it would also be closing its office in Boston. That was not included in the Federal Register announcement of the Dallas office.

William Tosick, Executive Director of the FLRA, indicated there is likely to be a similar Federal Register announcement for the Boston office the week of November 12th.

Closing the Boston office will impact another 9 employees in addition to the 7 employees in Dallas.

A letter from FLRA Chairman Colleen Duffy Kiko was attached to the Federal Register notice. That letter indicated closing the two regional offices will save approximately $300,000 annually in lease payments and $1,500,000 over five years.

The 16 employees in the Boston and Dallas regional offices will be reassigned and relocated, at agency expense, to existing regional office or headquarters offices, without the agency leasing any additional space. No reduction-in-forceactions will be necessary as there are positions available to all emlployees without a loss in their SES status or grade level.

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