What Are You Doing During the Shutdown?

Are you a furloughed federal employee? If so, what are you doing during the shutdown? Tell us your story.

Are you a federal employee who has been furloughed?

If so, what are you doing now that you are not at work? Some federal workers are reportedly holding down a second job to meet their financial obligations or, perhaps, just to have some extra money while their regular paycheck is held up in a political dispute.

Some federal workers are taking time to spend with their family members who may be out of town.

Some may be taking a trip and watching the political theater from a distance instead of sitting home wondering and worrying about the latest events.

Some have set up a GoFundMe page seeking money to help meet expenses.

We’d like to hear your story. If you are a furloughed federal employee, let us know what you are doing and what you are thinking. You can insert your comments at the end of this article.

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