Retirement Won’t Make You Happy

Regardless of where you decide to go in life, you will always go with you.

Don’t get me wrong, retirement can be an incredible season of life. I have lots of clients who absolutely love retirement, but it is far from a panacea. There are some things that will follow you into retirement. 

Sticky Attitude

There was a couple driving on the highway moving from one town to another. As they approached the outskirts of their new town, an old man flagged them down from the side of the road. He was welcoming newcomers into their little town. 

He asked them where they were moving from and how they liked it. They told him that they really didn’t like their old town. The weather was bad, the people weren’t friendly and they were glad to be out of there. 

The old man sighed and said, “Sorry to break the news to you but this town is just like that.”The couple was saddened by this news and went on their way. 

Soon after, a second couple drove up and the old man again asked where they were coming from and how they liked it. 

This couple was different. They said they loved their old town. The weather was nice and the people were so friendly but they were excited for a new adventure in a new place. The old man sighed and said, “Great news! This town is just like that.”

The Difference Maker

Not having to go to your stressful job every day in retirement can do wonders for your emotional and physical health but it won’t fix everything. If you find things to complain about while working you will probably find things to complain about in retirement.

Retirement can be amazing if you make it amazing. 

Start Now

While retirement may change the structure of your day, it won’t change you as a person unless you change. Start now to live the life you want and don’t push off your happiness to a future date.

Don’t wait until retirement to do all the things you want to do. Start now while you have health on your side. 

About the Author

Dallen Haws is a Financial Advisor who is dedicated to helping federal employees live their best life and plan an incredible retirement. He hosts a podcast and YouTube channel all about federal benefits and retirement. You can learn more about him at Haws Federal Advisors.