Bo Harris

Bo Harris

As a Chartered Federal Employee Benefit Consultant (ChFEBC), Bo Harris is passionate about helping federal employees obtain proper benefits. He joined Harris Federal Law Firm in 2002 and is now the firm’s Director of Operations. Harris Federal assists federal workers all over the country on employment matters, filing for OWCP workers’ compensation and FERS federal disability retirement benefits. Bo regularly leads training seminars for federal agencies and unions. To learn more, contact Bo at (877) 226-2723.

5 Reasons Your OWCP Workers’ Compensation Benefits May Be Terminated

Federal employees’ workers’ compensation is intended to be a temporary benefit, and benefits can also be terminated at any time if the employee becomes ineligible for them. The author lists five common reasons for federal employees to be wary of that could lead to loss of their workers’ compensation benefits.

Disability: Total or Occupational?

Image of disabled sign and wheel chair

Many federal workers who consider applying for federal disability retirement are apprehensive about the word “disability.” They think of disability in the context of Social Security Disability, which requires a claimant to be totally disabled. However, as the author notes, there is a difference between total and occupational disability, and he explains the differences as they apply to work requirements and applying for benefits.

What You Need to Know About OWCP Federal Workers’ Compensation

Image of an injured hand in a cast next to a work injury claim form on a desk

The U.S. government provides benefits to civilian federal workers who become injured or ill because of their job duties. Here are some important facts about the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) that you need to know should you ever find yourself in need of this important benefit.

Five Myths about FERS Federal Disability Retirement

Image of senior woman using a walker with caregiver

When your poor health begins to hinder your work performance, you need to prepare an exit strategy. For federal workers, applying for FERS federal disability retirement benefits may be a viable option. The author outlines five common myths federal employees should be aware of when seeking disability retirement benefits.

Can You No Longer Do Your Federal Job? Avoid These Mistakes

If you are a federal employee who is facing an injury or illness that prevents you from working, you can apply for federal disability retirement benefits. But there are mistakes that could end up costing you the right to collect monthly benefits payments. Here are some common ones to make sure you avoid.