Howard Risher

Howard Risher is a private consultant who focuses on pay and performance. His career extends over 40 years and includes years managing consulting practices for two national firms. He recently became the editor of the journal Compensation and Benefits Review. He has written four books, including Aligning Pay and Results. He has an MBA and Ph.D from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Involving Employees in Work Related Decisions

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Knowledge workers are not interchangeable. Using their expertise to make decisions can create a more effective organization. The author offers suggestions for treating these employees as an asset.

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The Overlooked Answer – Better Bosses

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The author says that the belief that executives are the keys to an organization’s performance is an idea that goes back decades, but he says that middle management is an area that is often overlooked as a crucial element in how employees view their work experience in an organization.

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One Last Time – Financial Rewards Improve Performance

The author analyzes a book which suggests that a pay for performance approach does not motivate employees.

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Sequestration Lowering Morale, Increasing Desire to Retire?

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A recent survey reveals that the sequester is harming morale and increasing the desire for federal workers to retire when they are eligible to do so.

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The Federal Pay Labyrinth

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The author says that the idea of locality pay works well on paper, but in practice it has become convoluted after its planners began worrying about congressional support and the locality areas were expanded in size.

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Performance Management and Angry, Frustrated and Dissatisfied Employees

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Performance management is a serious problem in government and the government has a large number of employees who are dissatisfied, frustrated and angry.

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