Ian Smith

Ian Smith

Ian Smith is one of the co-founders of FedSmith.com. He enjoys writing about current topics that affect the federal workforce.

L 2050 Fund Debuts in TSP

The TSP is unveiling a new fund in its family of Lifecycle funds: the L 2050 fund. The fund is designed for participants who will begin to withdraw their holdings after 2045 and replaces the now obsolete L 2010 fund.

The Power of Discussion

The readers’ comments on articles and headlines are one of the most popular features on the FedSmith.com site. We have made changes to this feature to make the commenting process more interactive and encourage communication among our users.

TSA on X-Ray Machines: They’re Safe

There has been controversy surrounding the TSA’s use of body scanners in airport security, in part due to questions about the safety of radiation emitted from the machines. The TSA recently published some data on the radiation safety levels of their x-ray equipment.

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