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Should the Use of Advanced Imaging Machines be Restricted? Two Congressmen Think So

The use of Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) machines by the TSA in airports around the country has been a controversial issue. Security and health concerns have been expressed about the use of the machines, while others think the machines make flying safer. Two Congressmen are sponsoring legislation to restrict use of the machines in airports.

TSA Considering ‘Trusted Traveler’ Program to Expedite Security Screening

Air travel security has become time consuming and cumbersome with the TSA regulations for screening passengers. However, the TSA has begun considering a “trusted traveler” program recommended by the US Travel Association that would pre-screen passengers via background checks that would enable them to bypass a lot of the extra security screenings.

The Power of Discussion

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TSA on X-Ray Machines: They’re Safe

There has been controversy surrounding the TSA’s use of body scanners in airport security, in part due to questions about the safety of radiation emitted from the machines. The TSA recently published some data on the radiation safety levels of their x-ray equipment.

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