Jason Visner

Jason Visner

Jason Visner is a financial advisor with Brook Federal Advisors, and works with federal employees to optimize their retirement benefits. The process starts with a complimentary analysis of the complete federal benefit package, and then builds an overall retirement plan on that foundation. He can provide recommendations on FERS or CSRS annuities, survivor benefits, military/LEO service, FEHB, FEGLI, TSP, IRAs, annuities, and social security. He can be reached at 262-456-5514 or brookfed.com.

How To Get Back Into a Hot Stock Market

The stock market has been on a tear, setting numerous record highs in the last several weeks. If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, how do you know the best time to get back into the market?

Life Insurance and the FEGLI Open Season

Image of glasses and insurance policy pamphlet on desk

Should you take advantage of the upcoming FEGLI open season? The open season is an excellent reminder for everyone to re-evaluate their situation and make sure they are properly covered.

How Much Do You Need in Your TSP to Retire?

Image of compass with word 'retirement' on it

The TSP is a major component of the federal retirement system, but too often, the author says that it becomes the only factor for would be retirees. He explains why striving for some sort of “magic number” in your TSP account can be a bottleneck in reaching your retirement goals.

How To Tell If You Are Getting Bad Advice About Your TSP

Image of senior couple at home meeting with financial advisor

Your savings inside of the Thrift Savings Plan that you worked so hard throughout your federal career to accumulate are a large component of providing income in retirement. It is important, therefore, to make sure you make the right choices with regards to preserving these funds. The author provides some advice for federal employees on different ways to determine what constitutes good and bad advice as it relates to their savings inside of the TSP.

Beyond the Numbers; Are You Ready to Retire?

Portrait Of Upset Senior Couple Calculating Finance At Home

Are you ready to retire? Many federal employees are now eligible for retirement, but still continue to work. The author goes over some important considerations federal workers should keep in mind as they ponder whether or not it is time to leave the workplace for good.