Jason Visner

Jason Visner

Jason Visner is a financial advisor with Brook Federal Advisors, and works with federal employees to optimize their retirement benefits. The process starts with a complimentary analysis of the complete federal benefit package, and then builds an overall retirement plan on that foundation. He can provide recommendations on FERS or CSRS annuities, survivor benefits, military/LEO service, FEHB, FEGLI, TSP, IRAs, annuities, and social security. He can be reached at 262-456-5514 or brookfed.com.

Maximizing Social Security For Retirement

Social Security is an important benefit in retirement. What many people do not know, though, is the sheer number of options you have when considering how to file for your benefits. Those options will depend on your age, marital status, and other factors, but should all be considered before deciding on a filing strategy.

Retire or Keep Working?

As you get closer to the time when federal employees start thinking about retirement, there can often be apprehension about whether or not you are ready. This article will attempt to give you a clear understanding of the financial impacts of your decisions, so you can be informed and comfortable with what you decide.

Comparing TSP Strategies

The author examines a couple of different investment strategies for the TSP and some of the pros and cons of each approach.

TSP Investment Considerations

Your TSP can be affected by the investment allocation decisions you make. Here are several things to consider before setting an allocation strategy.

TSP Contribution Strategies

The author says that utilizing the TSP effectively is key to a comfortable retirement and outlines some important contribution strategies to consider in your retirement planning.

Accessing Your TSP Account After Retirement

The Thrift Savings Program (TSP) is the primary retirement savings method for federal employees, and the benefits are well known. The author says that making withdrawals from your TSP account can be complicated and offers some considerations when deciding to make withdrawals.

Life Insurance: The Good, the Bad, and the FEGLI

The author outlines different kinds of life insurance available, considerations to make in deciding whether to purchase life insurance, and how the Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) option fits into the decision.