John Grobe

John Grobe

John Grobe is President of Federal Career Experts, a firm that provides pre-retirement training and seminars to a wide variety of federal agencies. FCE’s instructors are all retired federal retirement specialists who educate class participants on the ins and outs of federal retirement and benefits; there is never an attempt to influence participants to invest a certain way, or to purchase any financial products. John and FCE specialize in retirement for special category employees, such as law enforcement officers.

Effective Resumes and Your Federal Career

Everyone is looking for a job or a promotion at some point in their career. Creating a resume that is effective can make a huge difference in your wages over the life of your career. Here are tips for creating an effective, focused resume with the technology used by employers today to in filling jobs.

30 Years of Retirement: What Will You Do?

The plans you have for retirement may be colored by your view of retirement as retiring from something (such as your government job or work). Remember: You are likely to live as long after you retire, as you worked for Uncle Sam prior to your retirement. Look ahead as well as looking back in you retirement planning.

If You Die Before You Retire, What Happens to Your Benefits? Response to Readers’ Questions

Federal retirement expert John Grobe recently wrote an article read by tens of thousands of readers entitled “What Happens to Your Federal Employee Benefits if You Die While Still Working?” Some readers had questions or wanted more information. Here are answers to some of the more frequent questions. Please read this in conjunction with the previous article on this subject.

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