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Mathew B. Tully is a founding partner of Tully Rinckey PLLC. He concentrates his practice on representing federal government employees and military personnel and can be reached at [email protected]. To schedule a meeting with one of the firm’s federal employment law attorneys call 202-787-1900. The information in this column is not intended as legal advice.

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D.C. Circuit Holds That Employees Should Report Sexual Harassment Promptly

By on October 25, 2009 in Court Cases with 0 Comments

The recent buzz about David Letterman’s affair with a staffer has brought issues of workplace sexual harassment back into the limelight. For federal employees, a recent court decision makes it important for employees to report harassment promptly.

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Discrepancies in the Federal Workplace According to EEOC

By on September 30, 2009 in Human Resources with 0 Comments

The annual report from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reveals that power and pay discrepancies still exist between men and women, whites and minorities, and non-disabled and disabled.

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