Robert F. Benson

Robert F. Benson

Robert Benson served 35 years in various Federal agencies, as both a management analyst and IT specialist. He is a graduate of Northwestern University.

The High-Five Average Salary

There is a great deal of interest in the high-5 calculation for federal retirement. Is it really going to happen? When will it take effect? How will it work? Is there some way I can estimate “right now” how much difference it will make?

FERS, Pension Contributions and Returning to Federal Service

For most of the 25 years or so of the existence of the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), if a FERS employee resigned and accepted a refund of his pension contributions, it was final and absolute. That is, if the employee returned to Federal service, and wanted to repay the refund, the answer was “no.” The time was lost forever. About two years ago, this changed.