Timothy J. Clark

Timothy J. Clark

Timothy J. Clark is an exponent of a new standard of quality leadership and author of Success Through Quality, Support Guide for the Journey to Continuous Improvement.

He retired from the federal government with 35 years of service. He is a former enlisted soldier in the U.S. Army. He retired at the rank of Colonel, with over 30 years of combined service in the U.S. Army, National Guard and Army Reserve. He is a strategic analyst with the American Center for Quality Leadership and is active in economic and community development in a small rural county in Indiana.

New Administration: Real Improvement This Time?

New administrations introduce major initiatives that often cannot be sustained, however, the author says this time could be different. He says that the application of new methods by the Trump Administration has the potential of producing results where most everyone gains, or at least, are not any worse off.

Revolutionizing Government in 5 Minutes or Less

The 2014 Next Generation of Government Summit will be held July 24-25 in Washington, DC. The objective of the conference is to provide “…opportunities for emerging leaders to further enhance their day-to-day career and the betterment of government overall.”

Agency Policies Gone Awry – Part 3

The author contends that OPM’s succession management policy is contributing to troubling FEVS results as well as to the number of EEO and MSPB complaints and advocates for major change in policy.

Agency Policies Gone Awry – Part 2

In this follow-on article, the author addresses comments from readers and identifies actions that federal employees can take and have taken to change policy and bring about needed improvements.