Pay Parity and Your 2010 Pay Raise

Congress says it approves the idea of pay parity between federal employees and military personnel but doesn’t indicate how much should be approved for a possible pay raise in 2010. Will federal employees be asked to take a lower raise in the midst of rising unemployment and low inflation? Also, federal retirees are on track to go without a COLA increase.

Looking Out for Your Best Interests? Congress, Tobacco and Changes to the TSP

A new bill to change the regulation of tobacco has passed the House. Embedded in this legislation are changes to the Thrift Savings Plan. If Congress sees an advantage in changing a program with billions of dollars at stake and some small portion of those billions represent your personal financial future in retirement, you may want to pay attention.

Sharing The Wealth: Options for Reducing Government Expenses in Health Care and the Impact on Federal Employees

The Congressional Budget Office has several proposals to reduce the cost of government. None of these options will necessarily be passed into law but, with an eventual effort to reduce the federal debt, some of the options would save billions and may be tempting–to the disadvantage of federal employees and retirees.

Investing During The Great Recession and Your Personal Financial Future

You have reason to feel your financial future is at risk. We are in an uncertain economic situation. So what about your future retirement? Should you be putting money into the G fund, the F fund or into stocks? Here is a summary of professional investment prognosticators at a recent event for investors. It is not optimistic but may be helpful to you in planning your financial future.