Balancing Dress Codes With Religious Beliefs

Employers will use dress and appearance standards to create an employment “brand” for who they are, their culture and their values. As society becomes more casual in its dress standards, employers can find that instituting a dress code will not only draw resistance from some employees, it can land the company in the middle of a religious discrimination lawsuit.

Office Etiquette: Tread Lightly Lest Thy Co-workers Smite Thee

Personal hygiene issues and personal behavior in the workplace can be a problem. From bad breath, too much perfume or people who don’t like to take a shower on a regular basis, these issues range from annoying to debilitating for those exposed to them. Here is the first part of an article on dealing with these issues.

Do ‘Clothes Make The Man?’

Should there be a dress code in federal agencies? Does a dress code have an impace on public image or productivity? Take the latest survey and share your opinion.