Maximum Earnings Limitations on Federal Pay

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There are statutory provisions that can cause your pay to be much less than you expect after you’ve worked overtime or other premium hours, such as work at night, on a holiday or on a Sunday. The author explains how these work.

Is Holiday Premium Pay a ‘Right’?

I’m a FWS supervisor. Management recently announced that each supervisor now will work only 4 out of ten holidays each year, and will be excused from work on the six holidays they are not scheduled to work. In the past, we get paid if we work or not, and, as a result, were paid holiday premium pay for the time worked on each holiday. Do we have rights in this situation?

Do the New Locality Pay Areas Impact My Wage Grade Pay?

If I work in Shawnee County KS, which is just outside Kansas City, and will be covered by the new GS Kansas City-Overland Park-Kansas City MO/KS locality pay area, will my WG-5 wage automatically increase to the same level as that paid to WG-5 employees whose duty station is Kansas City?

Federal Wage System Increases in 2016

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Now that the 2016 pay raise for federal employees under the General Schedule has been finalized, what can federal workers under the Federal Wage System expect to see in terms of a pay raise?