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Will December 31 be a Federal Holiday?

by Ralph Smith |

Several readers have inquired about whether the president will give federal employees an extra holiday on Monday, December 31st. The rationale, apparently, is that an executive order was issued giving employees an extra day off on December 24th, an executive order was issued granting a small raise that will be applicable sometime after March 27, 2013 so it is possible that a third “gift” will be coming to the federal workforce.

It is unlikely that this will happen.

No executive order on this topic has been issued as of late in the afternoon on Friday, December 28th. If an executive order is issued, we will let our readers know with a special announcement on our website¬†as a breaking news item.¬†Normally, any such executive order would have been issued before this late date so don’t hold your breath waiting for it.

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