Vice President and Congress Getting Raises Too

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An executive order was issued Thursday which will make the end to the pay freeze for the federal workforce official in the spring. But federal employees aren’t the only ones who are getting a pay raise from the deal – VP Biden and members of Congress will see salary increases also. The increases will be effective on the first day of the first applicable pay period beginning after March 27, 2013.

Who is the winner among them? Joe Biden will see a 2.83% pay increase when his annual salary goes from $225,521 last year to $231,900 after the increase takes effect.

Members of Congress will see a 0.5% increase (the same as civilian federal employees) when their annual salaries go from $174,000 (the 2012 annual salary) to $174,900. Just like the federal workforce, Congress has been under a pay freeze since 2010.

The complete list of the new salaries for the vice president and Congress as reported by OPM is included below.

Vice President $231,900
Senators $174,900
Members of the House of Representatives $174,900
Delegates to the House of Representatives $174,900
Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico $174,900
President pro tempore of the Senate $194,400
Majority leader and minority leader of the Senate $194,400
Majority leader and minority leader of the House of Representatives $194,400
Speaker of the House of Representatives $224,600

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