House Votes to Extend Pay Freeze in Government Funding Bill

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The House of Representatives voted 267-151 to pass H.R. 933, legislation which extends the pay freeze on the federal workforce.

The legislation is designed to prevent a U.S. government shutdown on March 27 and blunt the impact of newly imposed spending cuts on the Defense Department.

Federal workers are scheduled to get a 0.5% pay increase later this spring, but this legislation would block the scheduled raise.

The vote today sends the bill to the Senate for consideration. The White House has expressed concerns about the bill but did not say it would veto it if it passes both the House and Senate.

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  1. GCScorpio says:

    We need to go on strike and show our power, We want the the same benifits as other government employees ie. Congress and The Senate. Full retirement after only 6 years,  Do no work , alway’s be gone on some kind of break, sell loop hole’s and tax breaks, Give grants and substies to the highest re election contributor’s, get insider trading information to personaly profit from. Do like Nancy Pelosi get $ 39 million pork, ear mark in american citizen’s taxers money for her husband’s company  Starr Kiss Tuna on the night of the Physical Cliff bill rushed threw. Over  $ 80 billion in pork that bill. Let’s lay off american’s and fund forginer’s, $200 million for Jordan, lay off government employees and freeze there wages. Let’s go on stike and at election time vote all encumbants out they caused this mess make them pay for it. Put them in prison as trator’s and our real enemy. Who caused this ? Politicans, Let’s bail out the oil company’s Banks and corperate farmer while they get ten’s of million’s of our tax money in bonuses for bank rupting there company’s. Hey just buy a politican’s and get a bail out, honesty ethics they don’t know the meaning of those words.Term Limits why do people keep election the ones who did this to our country’s.I am just a disabled war Vet but I know my country’s enemy;’s and there politican’s.