C Fund Shows Positive Return for August

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Admittedly, it wasn’t much of a return and you certainly won’t be planning your next trip to Hawaii on the proceeds. But at least the TSP common stock fund came up positive during August with a return of 0.67%. For the last twelve months, it is still down 17.98%.

Investors in the S Fund (small cap stocks) also had the pleasure of a positive return for August with an 0.58% gain. This fund is down 13.11% for the past twelve months.

The International stock fund continued to go down with a negative 0.26% return and it is down 15.13% for the year.

The G Fund also had a slight gain for the month finishing ahead 0.40%. It is up 5.22% for the year (The G Fund consists exclusively of investments in short-term, nonmarketable U.S. Treasury securities issued to the TSP.)

The F Fund continued to lead all TSP investments. It was up 1.58% for the month and is ahead 8.12% for the year. (The Fixed Income Index Investment (F) Fund is the TSP’s bond market fund. )

Investors are undoubtedly wondering, has the bear market come to an end? No one can be certain but there is evidence that the rapidly fall of the common stock fund may be coming to an end, at least in the short-term. September is usually a bad month for stocks but with the overall market having been down for more than two years, some analysts are pointing to signs of a bear market bottom and a potential positive return in coming months.

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